References (Cargo Loading Systems)

A340-500/600 and A380

A340-500/600 – Cargo Loading Conveyance System

Loading and unloading is the responsibility of a single employee, the loader, who controls the cargo loading system at the control panel. The loader stands on a hydraulic platform lift, controlling the loading process via the joystick and the switches of the control panel.

The Compartment Control Box is the heart of the system. It provides the power for the overall system and controls and monitors power drive units (PDU‘s). The box is also the interface to the Outside Control Panel and the Inside Control Panel.

The number of Sector Control Boxes used depends on the size of the cargo compartment. These boxes are responsible for local control and monitoring of the power drive units in individual sectors, using incoming signals from the proximity switches and container/pallet sensors for ULD- sensing. The Maintenance Display Unit as the central display and evaluation system indicates malfunctions of individual components to enable efficient trouble shooting. All system units communicate via a CAN bus network.

A380 Electrical Cargo Loading System

This system was the first of its kind which communicated with the on-board maintenance system (OMS) via a specially developed control box which interlinks all systems of the aircraft to a central computer. It is now possible to monitor the status of the cargo loading system components (Control System and PDUs), for example, from the cockpit. The second feature is an automatic rotation process for the pallets and containers. This “pallet turning” feature permits optimum use of the rear cargo hold.

Unlike conventional models, the power drive units (PDUs) have two motors which allow independent elevation of the power drive unit (“Lift”) and turning of the roller (“Drive”).

The system architecture is distinguished by its very high flexibility. All system units communicate via a CAN bus network. Allied with a decentralized concept of using sector control boxes this allows for modular adoption of the system to different cargo compartment sizes and saves weight.

B747 and A330 P2F

The development activities for the Cargo Loading Control System started in late 2004 with the B747-400 Pax-to-Freighter conversion program.

A major design aspect for B747-400 conversion was the usage of proven hardware technologies in combination with adaptation of Boeing handling procedures in the field of software. The system comprise various controller units for power control and local control of non- steerable and steerable power drive units, as well as numerous control panels to be arranged in the full length of the cargo compartment.

In  cooperation with Ancra International, our company supplies the main deck cargo loading system for the new Boeing special freighter conversion program of IAI in Tel Aviv. The 747-400 Special Freighter Conversion program at IAI expects a firm number of aircrafts to be converted within the next years.

The partnership combines huge experience in aftermarket with excellent expertise in the filed of the OEM-market offering the airlines reliable and efficient cargo loading and cargo loading control systems.

With the  A330 Pax-to-Freighter conversion project ADAS introduced its new technology concept. Based on the experience and reliable technology of A380 a cargo loading system with CAN bus technology was introduced. This system consists of less individual components with improved functions and can be easily adapted to different sizes of cargo compartments.


The A400M is the most advanced, proven and certified airlifter available, combining 21st century state-of-the-art technologies to fulfill the current and upcoming Armed Forces’ needs. The A400M combines the capability to carry strategic loads with the ability to deliver even into tactical locations with small and unprepared airstrips. And in addition it acts as a frontline-tanker for other aircraft.

ADAS as prime contractor for Airbus is responsible for the Loadmaster Control System. On the ground, the system ensures safe and efficient loading/unloading of the plane. Under any condition on ground or in the air, the Loadmaster Control System enables effective control and navigation of numerous interface systems.

The new Loadmaster Control System serves as the electronic brain of the entire cargo hold. It essentially consists of a central operator workstation with diverse remote control stations within the aircraft. The system is the benchmark for new generation of military cargo loading systems in performance, man-machine-interaction, and reliability.

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