Cargo Loading Systems


Our Cargo Loading Systems

Our advanced cargo loading systems help increase both cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency of passenger, freighter and military aircraft.

More than ever, a fast loading and unloading of the cargo compartment is of highest importance to customers.




Use cargo handling systems for:

  • Loading and unloading of nearly all kinds of materials, whether it’s pallets, vehicles, helicopters, boats or lifting devices,
  • Moving cargo through an aircraft fuselage.

The Cargo Loading System activities started with the first wide body Airbus – the A300 B2/B4. We provided cargo loading systems for several other Airbus aircraft systems.


Choose your cargo loading system for:

  • Passenger aircraft: State of the art equipment for cargo loading systems.
  • Freighter aircraft: Efficient and time saving cargo handling for main and lower deck.
  • Military aircraft: Safe operations with cargo hold systems.


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